Phantom for Snapchat On iOS(iPhone/iPad)

Phantom for Snapchat: Taking photos and videos is a favorite pass time for each person. Whenever we hang out with a friend or have a party at home, the first thing we do is taking family photos. We usually record all the right moments in our video recorder or handy cam to watch them again in the future.

Phantom for Snapchat

To share photos and videos of past times is a real fun with family members. It not only refreshes us but also bring close all of us. There are many apps by which we share selfies and videos with our buddies. Image and video sharing is the activity in which people engross at any public place these days. It is just like a new trend sharing photos and videos with friends.


  • Download Phantom for Snapchat for iOS without Jailbreaking

Snapchat is one such platform where you can share photos and videos with your siblings, family members, and buddies. It is a much simplified messaging app in recent times mainly for sharing pictures and video recordings. The images and videos are available only for a short time, and it is a good idea to use this app. You can even decorate your pictures and videos by giving them some sound effects and frames.

There are many options to view videos and images repeatedly. However, there is a significant drawback of Snapchat as you can watch the photos and videos for more than 10 seconds when someone sends you. But now there is a solution to this problem, and it is Phantom. It is a modification of the app to take photos and videos accessible to users for more time with many other features.

Device Compatibility of Phantom for Snapchat on iOS

Features of Phantom for Snapchat

A phantom app is a new tweak which has come for all Snapchat fans. It has a series of-of other features:

  • It downloads quickly on both jailbroken and non-jail broke Android devices.
  • You can now store all your sent images and videos.
  • Give any caption and title to your favorite images and videos.
  • You can send images and selfies from your camera of devices.
  • Send pictures and videos to many contacts at one time.
  • Mark the read Snaps by keeping them in a feed.
  • Save the images in a separate folder by giving it a beautiful name.
  • You can also keep a beautiful and lovely sound for notifications, and the messages will now appear on the status bar for your comfort.
  • Enable Phantom when you want to use it otherwise disable it.
  • The images and videos will last for the longest time now for all Snapchat users.
  • You can also give long or short text on your pictures without any limit.
  • You can even hide badge count.
  • There are some of the new additions to the features of the Phantom app such as fixing crashes, and now you also view images and videos having chats with your friends.
  • It also supports the latest version of Snapchat.

Procedure to download Phantom For Snapchat on iOS device

There are plenty of ways to download Phantom for Snapchat on your iOS device. So here I will show some of the best methods to download it. A phantom app is an ideal one for your Snapchat app. To download it on your devices follow the below process:

Method 1: Download Phantom for Snapchat with TuTu Helper

TuTu Helper is excellent iOS app store, and it has plenty of iOS apps in it. So, I will explain you about the installation of Phantom for Snapchat with TuTu helper.

  • First of all, click on the Safari browser from your iOS device.
  • The next step is to search for the tutu helper in the search bar, or else directly click this link.
  • So soon after clicking the download link, you will be advanced to download page. Hence click on the download button of TuTu helper.
  • Therefore, hit the install button.
  • Finally, within few seconds TuTu helper installs on your device.
  • So click on the TuTu helper, and search for the Snapchat in the search bar and press enter.
  • Furthermore, there are several results displays on the screen, so select the correct one.
  • Then immediately press the install button of Phantom for Snapchat.
  • Finally, you can share your photos and videos with your friends and family.


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Method 2: Special method to get Phantom for Snapchat

This method of getting Phantom for Snapchat on the iOS device is unique. So I will share this particular method with you.

  • The initial step is to go and click the safari browser.
  • Soon after opening the Safari browser, type in the search location and press the enter.
  • This page takes quite some time, so please be patient and maintain the excellent internet connection.
  • Soon after loading the page, you can see App store on the screen.
  • There are six options on the top of the screen. You can choose any one among them.
  • Hence to get Phantom for Snapchat on iOS device, click on the TB option on the screen.
  • So drag down till the Phantom for Snapchat appears, and click on the respective app.
  • Further, hit the install button.
  • So now the Snapchat app appears on the iOS device.

Method 3: Downloading Phantom for Snapchat using Extensify App

For obtaining Phantom app, you will require the Extension app on your Android as well as iOS devices. This app contains all paid up as well as free apps for your devices. You can download a Phantom app from Extension app quickly and conveniently.

  • First of all, visit your App Store and download the Snapchat app on any of iOS devices.
  • The next step is to download Extensify app on your devices. For that, select the Exos from Extensify. Exos are the apps which may be free of charge or paid ups.
  • The next step is to install the Exos with tweaks so that new version of the app fits on your devices easily.
  • The fourth step is to find for Phantom Exo on Extensify app.
  • The next step is to click on “GET” option besides Phantom app.
  • The next thing is to install the app.
  • Lastly, visit your homepage, and you will see “Phantom+” icon.
  • The apps which you download from the Extensify app will have “+” at the end of the app’s name.

Note: You can also download IPA file of a Phantom app on your iOS devices and then install the app using Cydia Impactor. Steps to install any IPA file is shown in the Cydia Impactor for iOS(iPhone/iPad).

Phantom for Snapchat on iOS device with other apps

There are several different methods to download the Snapchat phantom app for iOS. So the apps which are shown below are app stores like iTunes app store. So from these app stores, you can download Phantom for Snapchat easily.

Overview of Phantom for Snapchat

Snapchat is a favorite app among many iOS users for sharing photos and videos, but the only thing is it does not have the facility to watch images and videos for more than 10 seconds. So to remove this defect, Phantom app is the best thing by which you can not only view the photos for a long time but also edit the images and videos as you love. You can add beautiful colors and frames to your pictures and videos by giving them an exciting background. So create you new pictures of parties and marriage anniversaries and share with your friends on Snapchat easily with the Phantom app. Hope you got the correct information regarding Phantom for Snapchat, so download Snapchat soon. Share this article with your families and friends. Thank You.